Aerial Services

Bottom-Line Productions now offers aerial video, photography and survey services for clients seeking an elevated perspective. If you need to convey the scope of a large project, sell a high-end home or show the layout of your golf course then prepare for launch with the GoDrone from Bottom-Line Productions!

Few things grab the attention of the viewer in such an exciting way as does aerial video or photography.  Coming from a background of corporate video production we have an eye for getting just the right angle and in the perfect light.  And should you need more than just a photo or video clip then we are your source for a full production.

Aerial Photo and Video Services that we provide:

  1. Exciting aerial video of your business or construction site
  2. Dramatic aerial photos conveying the expanse of luxury properties
  3. Surveying of vast tracts of land that may otherwise be difficult to gain access to
  4. Hole by hole flyovers of golf courses

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