Corporate video

Every company has a story and a corporate video ought to tell yours in a compelling way. Our current reality is that we live in a YouTube world and your prospects now much prefer learning about what it is you have to offer by watching a video. Your corporate video ought to tell a bit of your history, show the great team that you’ve assembled and convey your Unique Selling Proposition - the products or services that set you apart from your competition.

The corporate video differs from a product video in that it is over-arching and tells the whole story of who you are. Within this framework there will be ample opportunity to highlight products and services but the goal here is to establish credibility and build rapport which then leads to trust and the ever important increase in sales. The focus needs to not just be on what it is that you make or sell, but more importantly on what challenges or issues your company resolves for your clients. A system that is more reliable translates into; decreasing their downtime, producing something more efficient translates into; saving them money.

To this end, another aspect of the corporate video that ought to be strongly considered is the testimonial. While a stand alone testimonial video is a great addition to your website, what we’re suggesting here is one or more customer vignettes that echo the benefits you purport to deliver. If you state that your widget is more reliable then we can cut to that client proudly proclaiming they’ve had zero downtime since installing it…that sort of thing.

In the end your corporate video should be a powerful addition to your website that; establishes credibility, builds rapport, strengthens trust and increases sales. You have a story to tell, let us help you tell it.