Equipment & Services

Full HD, widescreen video &
21 mega-pixel photography

Full HD, widescreen video & 21 mega-pixel photography

The Canon 5D Mk III has revolutioned the video world. With it’s stunning clarity, depth of field and lens flexibility it has quickly become the camera of choice for feature length films such as “Act of Valor”, BMW television ads and numerous music videos. Full HD resolution at 1920x1080 means that your video & photos are sure to impress
With the new GoPro 4 Bottom-Line can deliver all the action whether it’s on the slopes, underwater or in your facility, action shots are at the ready with GoPro!!
3Dr Solo smart drone
3DR Solo Smart Drone The Solo smart drone enables us to capture stunning aerial video and photos in stunning clarity
Final Cut Pro X is the de-facto industry standard and has been employed in countless movies, music videos and TV ads. From great looking titles and transitions to all sorts of special effects we’ll make you look like a million!
SmartSound library - Nothing gives that finishing touch better than the right music. Our massive audio library delivers the perfect, tailor made accompaniment to your presentation, all without worry of royalty issues anytime down the road.
Glidecam Technologies
Glidecam Technologies camera stabilization system for truly professional results on any moving shot. You’ve seen them racing across the football field or on a concert stage smoothly catching all the action. Now you too can have that level of “Hollywood” production in your video as well!
Don’t worry about remembering your lines when on-camera. With our Pro-Prompter just e-mail your script ahead of time and we’ll have it pre-loaded and ready to go for the big event!
  • On location photographic & video production at your office, plant or customer’s home/office
  • Creation of opening and ending sequences to give your video a truly professional look and feel
  • Video e-mail campaigns that effectively deliver your message
  • Professional Voice-Over talent on staff
  • Professional titling, Motion graphics and credits
  • Studio quality, royalty free music tracks that are custom created to match precisely with your production (and that don’t require royalty fees)
  • Creation of a YouTube channel for your video(s) from which the video can be embedded into your site, sent out in e-mails or viewed on YouTube, LinkedIN and other social media sites
  • Script writing and/or assistance
  • Marketing videos, video testimonials, product demonstrations, video plant and facility tours, corporate video, video editing, voice-overs and so much more
  • Aerial videography services to give an elevated perspective to your project or business

The Bottom-Line recording studio

The Bottom-Line recording studio

Come to our studio or we can come to you! We provide everything from script writing to a tele-prompter and even “green screen” technology!