Product Video

Whatever it is that you sell you ought to have a product video that highlights its key features - or its Unique Selling Proposition. Think of this as your best ever elevator pitch in video form. Why should you have a product video? Because that’s what your prospects are looking for, it’s what they want to see, and for a number of reasons. People want to get to the key information quickly and a well done product video should do just that. A product video differs from a Corporate Video in that is more singularly focused upon just those attributes that makes your product stand out from the competition; What does your unique product or service do for the client that no one else can match? What is it that makes yours sell? Why are customers already buying from you and not from your competitor?

Just as in a Corporate Video though there ought to be serious consideration for testimonials here as well. You either have a stand alone customer testimonial video or intersperse targeted vignettes from those testimonials that speak directly to the benefits you are highlighting in the product video.

A product video is also a non-intrusive, low-key way for your prospect to investigate what it is you have to offer before they pick up the phone or send an e-mail. With this in mind the video ought to end with a good call to action in order to convert that prospect into a client.

One of the key search types on YouTube is “How to”. So if you can answer a how-to type question with your video it will be that much more effective when uploaded and that type of query in entered by a prospect: “How do I get my parts powder coated?”…”How do I repair a bulldozer track?”. Then, these types of keywords are added into the description of your video (on YouTube) and when searches are performed, and 28% of ALL Google searches start in YouTube, your video will begin to appear. At Bottom-Line Productions we’ve produced many product videos with great success and we’d like to help you with yours as well.