Testimonial Video

Simply put; a testimonial video is worth its weight in gold. Why? Because they are loaded with credibility, they ought to speak directly to your key selling features (and thus can be keyword optimized for SEO purposes) and then can also be used to support both your Corporate Video and Product Video placements. Viewers don’t always completely “buy” what we’re pitching to them but when your happy customer not only sings your praises but also confirms the features you’re presenting, well, say hello to selling nirvana.

A testimonial video is equally effective in either the general branding or specific product arenas. Your viewers want to see that others like them, that have had the same challenges had their problems solved with your product. Sure you can do that with a printed statement that may even include a photo, but most of those are looked at with skepticism. Did they really say that or did they even write that they will ask themselves. On the other hand, when that other business owner, or CEO…or whomever, is describing the very same issue they’re currently having and then describe how your product resolved that issue, then your testimonial video has done it’s job.

Once complete, your testimonial can be used as a standalone on a specific page and then we can also take snippets from it to create cut-aways in the midst of your corporate or product videos. This creates a very effective one-two punch scenario wherein the video features a particular benefit and then we cut away to that customer speaking on the same subject conveying just how well it did in fact work for them. This, by the way, is easily accomplished simply by asking the customer leading questions on the product that elicit that response.

So as you can see, a well executed testimonial video can become a very instrumental tool in your overall video marketing campaign.