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Introducing the amazing new V-Book from Bottom-Line Productions. A V-Book is a printed, mailable video brochure/booklet that will instantly revolutionize your sales efforts. The responses to V-Books are truly remarkable and they get a WOW! every time! Simply by opening the cover they begin to play and they work like a digital sales assistant delivering your message when you're not even there! You will never have such an easy time prospecting as you will with the amazing V-Book! Unlike a thumb drive, DVD or even a video link in an e-mail there are no action steps required with a V-Book other than opening the cover. Once open, your video is instantly delivered in the most unique and exciting way available on the market today. You will truly standout from your competition as you make an incredible first impression and absolutely WOW your prospects. Don't delay, hurry and get your new V-Book before your competitors do!

V-Books are re-chargeable, re-loadable and completely re-usable which enables you to maximize your ROI as you're exceeding all of your sales goals. We can load existing video or videos for you or produce one from scratch, entirely up to you. V-Books are completely customizable and come with a variety of options - please click one of the links below to learn more: